For questions regarding how to use the program, you can check the PDF User Guide (2.5M). You can also download this user guide in ZIP or SIT format at the download page.

If you still have un-answered questions or you found a bug or a problem while using the program, send an email to


All paid users will received free upgrades. If for some reasons an upgrade is available and you didn't receive any update notice, please contact and the latest paid version will be emailed to you. If you are a paid user, DO NOT download the shareware version. It will just cripple your paid version.


Sending your support questions by email will be the most convenient way for getting answers. However, if you have spam filters that filtered out my email responds, then there will be no way for me to contact you and your support questions will be ignored. Support questions are normally answered within 24hrs. If you didn't receive an email respond from me within 24hrs, chances are you have some type of spam filter in place which removed my emails.

If you are unable to contact me through email, you can try contacting Real-Time Software support by phone at 1-801-718-1700 (located in Riverton, Utah, United States).

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