This program is ideal for keeping track of your finances. As an electronic checkbook, you can keep tabs on all your bank accounts in the palm of your hand. As a loan calculator, you can keep track of all your debts and your interest payments. With the future balance prediction capability, you can quickly identify when you accounts will get overdrawn and take action appropriately. This program includes the following set of richful features to help you do just that:

Unlimited number of accounts (max of 3 for shareware version)
Unlimited number of expense categories
Handle multiple currencies
Handle Canadian & US mortgage calculations (with accelerated weekly payment options).
Automatic loan payment & recurring transaction entries
Automatic reminder in Date Book, To-Do List, or Memo Pad for recurring / loan transactions
Account summary / expense category summary reports
Future balance prediction.
Export/import transaction data to/from Memo Pad in CSV format
Support for


Second Annual ZDNet PDA Software Award
under the Palm OS: Finance category.


PalmPilot Personal or better
Palm OS 2.0 (or later including OS 5.0)
MathLib.prc (this file is needed only if you want the loan calculation capability)


ever growing wish list

The following is a list of suggestions I've received over time. I'll try to implement them when I get the time to do so. However, I can't promise that I will implement all of these suggestions. Some of them are kinda out of my capability. If you've made a suggestion to me in the past and you don't see it in this list. Send me an email again to remind me.

Write a PC data export program.
Add data import from Memo Pad capability.
Allows using Graffiti to do quick navigation in category/accounts popup selection.
Add a search functionality.
Make an option to replace the 'E' column with 'Balance' column in account statement screen.
Write a PC version of the program and a conduit for it.
Allows sub-categories (or hierarchical categories).
Allows split transaction.
Add transaction beaming capability.
Add graphical report.
Auto-completion in entry fields.
Allows tracking of loan payment adjustment histroy.
Allows people a choice to update either current, cleared, or reconciled balance in the "Balance Adjustment" dialog box.
Add an option to show transaction listing in reverse order.
Add escrow payments capability in loan section.
Add icons to the program.
Separate password from Palm Security App's password.
Offer a finger-tip style quick entry screen.
Save display options in account statement screen.
Allow filtering and sorting in the account statement screen.
Save the display options used in the report screen.
When purging transactions, allow the user to create a balance record for each category. Then, you don't loose the history by category.
Add option to specify account type (such as VISA is credit card type) so that overdraft warning will work properly for credit card accounts.
Add new options called "Previous month", "This Year" and "Previous Year" in the report screen.

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